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and along I come and sit beside you
I sit in the darkness
until it’s time to play
not looking for trouble
but it makes it’s way
I lay the threads
they crisscross
and crosshatch
they go this way and that
I lay the threads
so sticky
I made them
I think they are quite nice
I lay the threads
that draw you to me
at first
you find just one
then two
and then three
when you find more
you realize you can't move
you're really quite stuck
trapped you see
but go ahead and struggle
they'll just bind you further
and alert me to you
I’ll come see you
and touch you
then taste you
but first we must play
I spin you and spin you
to make sure you’re held tight
then tap you to see if you’re ripe
I tell you all would have been fine
but you had to come find me
to see me
to see what I do
you see
you forced me
to do what I do
now I do it to you.
I feel you
then smell you
before I bite
and when I do it
it gives you a fright
but not long after you think it feels right
you no longer struggle
because you feel good
as I
:iconeelun:Eelun 2 0
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Eelun by Eelun Eelun :iconeelun:Eelun 0 0 Mrs. Adleson by Eelun
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Mrs. Adleson :iconeelun:Eelun 0 0
Mrs. Adleson by Eelun
Mature content
Mrs. Adleson :iconeelun:Eelun 1 0
Mrs. Adleson by Eelun Mrs. Adleson :iconeelun:Eelun 0 0
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What the hell is with most people's undeserved sense of entitlement?
I remember when tablets first came out I hated typing on them.  Not only was I incredibly slow at it but using my thumbs all the time cramped my hands after awhile.  I swore I would never type on a tablet.

Now It's all I use.  I'm still not as fast as I am on a keyboard but I enjoy being able to type while moving around.  I'm a chronic pacer especially when I get excited or inspired.  With a laptop I can't work while walking.  With my tablet I can type most anywhere.  I sometimes work on a story while pacing the back yard at 2am.

The thing I still swear off is voice to type.  So many typos and you end up having to retype half of it.  Just a lot more editing and that's the part of the writing process I hate the most.  Hell one of these days they'll probably perfect it and I'll be doing the next thing I swore off.

What's your preferred method of writing?  Hell, I'm sure there are still some of you out there that use a pen or pencil and even a typewriter.

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I don't know what happened between us.  We used to be close, then everything changed, almost instantly for me anyway.  Jon didn't change but I did.  I guess that's what I found so maddening.  I thought we were going to grow from friends to more, then...nothing.  Everything stayed the same.  I realized he would never change and I began hating him.  Now every time I’m near him I’m reminded of it.

Remembering when I kissed him and he didn't kiss me back infuriates me.  I used to believe we would be together forever. Pussy, he's a fucking pussy.

I would never admit to my friends that I still think about him.  They love tormenting him more than I do.  Another thing they don’t know about me is I’m still a virgin.  Don’t get me wrong, I want sex.  I have an incredible sex drive, just...nobody does it for me.  I mean even touching myself I usually don’t think about anyone except for...Jon.  I get angry later because thinking about him gives me the most intense orgasms.  I can’t fucking win.  I even thought about experimenting but women just don’t do it for me.  Like I said...can’t win.

I haven't seen Jon in a week.  He must be sick.  I’m not sure if he has friends he hangs out with.  He probably has his head stuck in his art pad.  Fuck it, why am I thinking so much about him today...little pussy.

Changing the subject.  I've been having the weirdest dreams lately.  I only remember bits and pieces of them. I'm usually in my room.  It's somehow hot and cold at the same time, almost like having a cold feels.  It's freezing but I'm covered in sweat.  Everything is surreal.  I'm laying on my bed nude with no blankets.

There's an invisible presence watching me.  I'm fearful of it but I want it to see me...all of me.  Feeling it's stare excites me.  I run my hands up and down my sweaty body.  Spreading my legs wide I stare into the darkest corner where I feel it's gaze the strongest.  I want to please it.  Touching my clit with my index finger, I rub in a circular motion.  I face the shadows, it shimmers, I think it's pleased with me.

Not being able to help myself I slide two fingers in.  I'm gasping but can almost hear something just beyond my breathing.  I listen, other than my own heartbeat...breathing and it's not me.  It's coming from the dark mass matching it's pulsation.  

Slowing my breathing so I can hear more clearly, pumping my fingers matches me, each breath, it's breathing with me.

My fear and excitement mingle in such a way that drives me insane.  Feeling the most powerful orgasm tempting me,  I reach blindly for something, anything to shove into my aching pussy.  I grasp what I believe to be a lotion bottle and just as I'm working it in me the darkness is gone and I wake up frustrated, covered in sweat soaking the mattress.

I try to coax an orgasm but even dripping wet and sensitive it's not happening.  Oh well.  I'll be a mega-cunt to everybody at school today.  How surprised they will be.  They would be if they knew the reason why.


Jon's not in class again today.  I hate to admit it, I'm curious.  He hates school but never missed so much before.  I wish he had a friend I could find out something from so I could stop thinking about the little prick so much.

A peculiar thought occurs to me.  I've known him since we were children and have no idea what his cock is like.  I wonder how big it is, how it feels...inside me.  Jeezus, my pussy just clenched.  I almost came at my locker.  My panties are soaked.  What the fuck!  I tried for an hour this morning and nothing.  Now just thinking about Jon's cock almost made me cum in a crowded hallway.

Damn, why am I doing this?  I notice a small wet spot forming through my jeans.  Covering it with my books I hurry to class.

Sitting in history I’m trying to keep my mind off Jon.  Luckily my friends Quinn and Vogue aren't in this class with me.  They would definitely notice something wrong and drive me insane passing notes wanting the scoop.

We've been studying Greek Mythology and today we're watching a film.  The teacher pulls the screen down, it covers the chalkboard behind her desk.  Rolling her chair in the corner, she sits and tells a kid behind me to turn off the lights as another switches on the projector.

Thank gawd.  I welcome the darkness and the hum of the film running through the reels as it projects a scratchy image with monotone sound.

Staring at the bright rectangle, the only light in the room, it's almost hypnotic.  It starts off with Chronos and works it's way to the other gods.  When it gets to Hades I become interested.  His face isn’t visible but the actor they picked to play him has a extremely nice body.  It shows him from behind and the screen cuts him off at his hips.  He’s nude, surveying his realm.  

Though there's fire throughout it's still dark.  It shows various people pushing giant wheels in a round track for no apparent reason other than to torment them.  Other's carrying loads larger than their bodies, struggling, muscles quivering.

The punishments get worse the deeper into the Underworld the camera goes, the whole time following Hades' silhouetted form.  Eventually we arrive to where they physically torture the worst society has to offer.  Here screaming, moaning, and the cracks of whips with other various sounds are heard.  There are people on racks being stretched, other's poked, prodded, even cut and burned.  The whipping sound gets louder as the scene changes to a rather large demon whipping a female tied to a wall.  He's furiously giving it to her as she screams.  The camera follows the whip, it hits the girls bare back then focuses on her face.  She's writhing in agony...or ecstasy.  She's enjoying it each time the whip whelps her skin red.  The camera drops down her spine showing the whips aftermath from her neck down to the small of her back.  It's so clear I see each droplet of sweat streaming to her ass.  I've never seen any kind of nudity on a school documentary before.  I guess a bare ass isn’t that bad though.

A hand grabs her ass hard flipping her around, the scene pans back.  It's Hades.  It's showing everything...his giant hard cock, her tits, her smooth pussy.

Scanning the room, nobody's freaking out, the other students, even the teacher is oblivious.

Hades grips a handful of the girls hair pushes his throbbing dick inside her mouth.  Why isn't the teacher turning this off and why are the students not laughing and jeering?  It's like I'm the only one seeing this.

He slides it relentlessly in until she gags and coughs up tons of spit.  She's still enjoying it and even trying to take more of it into her throat.  The scratchiness of the film is gone.  It appears real.

Hades pulls his enormousness out as a gush of saliva floods her chest.  He lifts her by the legs, spreading them just as the camera zooms in on the head of his shaft.  It slides up and down over the folds of her glistening pussy where it hovers for a moment.

I plead "fuck her," then clasp my hand over my mouth hoping no one heard.

Nobody noticed.  Really?  Maybe I was quieter than I thought.  I glance back at the screen, he slams it all the way in.  It's so close I see her inner lips sucking in and out as he fucks her.

My head is spinning.  I'm so turned on.  The longer I watch the hotter it gets.  Hades is biting her nipples, spreading her ass cheeks painfully apart, slapping her.  How I wish I was her right now.

Damn, my clit is throbbing.  I reach under the desk, my jeans are drenched.  Unable to stop myself I slowly unzip them to slip my hand in but it's too tight.  I need to touch my pussy for a few seconds.  Glancing around once I place my thumbs between my hips and pants sliding them and my panties down to mid thigh.

The cold air from the classroom makes my wet pussy quake.  My juices begin to puddle in my seat between my ass cheeks.

Not wasting another moment I slide a finger in and tease my clit.  Moaning rather loudly I turn. The girl sitting next to me must be asleep.  I feel possessed.  I've never felt such lust and can't control myself.  I keep playing, watching the screen.

Hades has released her from her bonds and placed her on the ground where he slides back into her, she lifts her ass up high to meet his thrusts.  She's starving for him as the lesser demon with the whip watches, stroking his own cock.

Pounding harder into her, like savages they move at a frenzied pace.  I feel my orgasm coming fast.  I wasn't planning on cumming but need to bad...not caring anymore.  I just need release and bury my fingers in deeper.  I’m tempted to pull my shirt up, to free my feverish tits.

Hades and his slave are hammering into each other.  They're getting close too.  The girl's body stiffens as her orgasm is met by his.  He pulls his huge member out still cumming and coats her from face to stomach.

My toes curl in my shoes.  There's no stopping mine and I give into it, spewing out of me. My body trembles even after the last spurt of liquid hits the floor.

Gasping and trembling I raise my head as the screen fills with the girls face.  FUCK, it’s me.  Then the it switches to Hades.  He turns to face the camera for the first time.  I almost pass out, it's Jon.

The film goes black and it’s slapping the reel.  The lights come on.  I suddenly realize my pants and panties are down to my thighs and I'm drenched.  I freeze, not knowing what to do.  Everyone is already talking and laughing like they usually do after a movie.  Nobody appears to notice me yet.  I raise off the seat and yank my pants up not buttoning them right before the girl beside me turns around.  She notices the puddle around my feet and asks me what it is.  I pretend not to know.  I've never came so hard and it's all over the place.

"Dammit, my lotion must have spilled from my purse.  Fuck, it's ruined," I lie, shuffling around in my bag acting dismayed.

"Gross," she replies as the bell rings.  She gets up and walks around it without a second thought.

I grab some paper towels, cleaning it up then hurrying out of the room.

I rush to the bathroom.  My reflection in the mirror proves what I suspected, I'm a mess.  The frazzled expression, wet jeans and I smell like pussy.

I go into the closest stall and sit to pee.  The bell rings and I decide I'm cutting class.  I notice my legs are still sticky with cum.  I pull off my clothes except for my shirt, fold them up and set them behind me on the lid.  Wondering about what happened to me earlier; the bizarre film no one blinked at, my uncontrollable lust and fucking myself in the middle of class, seeing Jon as Hades defiling me, I'm his slave loving every minute of it.  What's wrong with me?  I know I didn't dream or hallucinate it.

I grab some toilet paper to wipe up and notice designs on it.  Unfolding it I check them out.  They're drawings.  Upon closer inspection I realize it's a demon.  Who would put demon toilet paper in a school bathroom?  They're black and white and intricately detailed.  How odd.  Something's familiar about them.  They're all of the same demon, a female demon.  Each one, her in a different pose.  I begin unrolling the spool.  Each drawing is more lusty than the one before.  Soon each one is her in various stages of undress until she's nude.  She's hauntingly beautiful.  Something familiar but can’t figure out where I've seen her.

Now in each square she's doing something to herself more depraved than the one before.  She's hot.  I reach between my legs, I'm dripping more than before.  Fuck, I'm not attracted to women...except her.  I've never acted like this, my eyes consume each drawing more viciously.  

I stop and without thinking about it I lick the back of each drawing and stick them on the walls and doors of the stall.  When they are pretty much covered I remove the rest of my clothing, feeling dirty and exhilarated simultaneously.  Sitting down I dip my fingers deep inside me enjoying my pussies heat and texture, viewing my sexy demon.  I feel like she's watching me and doing the same.

My eyes dart from drawing to drawing never deciding which one I like the best.  I take them all in speeding up my thrusting fingers.  

Just as my orgasm draws near the bathroom door opens and someone quietly walks in.  I hold my breath and slip my shoes back on as quietly as possible so my nakedness won't be as apparent from the gap under the door.  I continue holding my breath as whoever it is enters the next stall.  Can’t stop fingering my cunt so I do it as slowly and quietly as possible but I still hear it.  Feeling like I'm burning up inside and this is the only way to alleviate it.  It feels incredible to do while my demon does the same.

Feeling the tension build a tiny moan escapes my parted lips.  I panic but continue playing.  Listening hard I hear her breathing.  Damn, why doesn't she wrap it up so I can finish myself off?

A few minutes pass by and I get bolder with my thrusting.  I hear a gasp that isn't mine.  Fuck, did she hear me?  I listen closer.  She does it louder followed by a faint moist sound.  I think she's masturbating right beside me.  She moans then I'm sure of it.  The wet sounds grow, she's not even trying to hide it.  It’s strangely arousing and I grow more comfortable masturbating close to her.  She gets louder until I'm pretty sure she can be heard by neighboring classrooms.

It's driving me insane, naked in the girls bathroom, these sexy demon drawings, and masturbating with a girl in the next stall.

An overwhelming obsession comes over me to fuck whoever this is.  Wondering what I'm doing I get up and go to her stall.  She had to hear me come out but she hasn't stopped.  If anything she's gotten louder.  Her stall starts shaking.  She must have her feet against the door, I can’t see them.  Her moans are almost screams now.  She's going to alarm the whole school.  I want to fuck her before we get caught.  

Turning the latch I see her feet drop to the floor but she doesn't stop pumping or moaning.  I open the door.  

It's her.  It's the demon.

I stand there for awhile in front of the open stall oblivious to my nakedness wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me.  I wonder if it could possibly be someone in makeup but I know better.  The gray blue skin with barely discernible designs just under it is real.  Her eyes faintly glow as she stares into mine masturbating steadily never blinking.  Cream drips from her open vagina with steam rising off it.  More liquid leaks from her large firm breast as they heave from her gasping.

She doesn't utter a word raising her ass off the toilet, a thin stream shoots from her creamy folds hitting my stomach and legs.  It scorches my skin making it pink wherever it lands on me, my pussy contracts involuntarily.  I shudder at the sensation.

I'm scared more than I've ever been but I've also never been this horny or wanted something so bad.  

She quickens her pace.  Like a robot I step forward with no will.  Stepping over her left leg I sit, straddling it.  Her hot skin feels good touching my wet cunt.  I move back and forth, fucking her thigh, our eyes locked into each others.  Putting my hand under it and lifting to increase the pressure.  She takes my other hand and guides it inside her pussy with a hungry moan.  It's hotter than I imagined.  It almost hurts but intoxicating.

She grips me behind the neck and roughly pulls me to her mouth, burying her tongue in mine.  I kiss her back.  The heat is intense, her tongue feels like it's coated with oil but feels nice.  She starts fucking my mouth with hers grabbing my tits, squeezing hard, she's deep in my throat.  It goes deeper but somehow I’m not gagging or throwing up.  Without any warning I cum all over her leg.  

She arches her back and screams.  It sounds like two voices in one.  She grunts and cums so hard it forces my hand out of her.  Like a fire hydrant it spews, splashing my face, body, the stall, and floor.  She gushes five or six more times.  It's everywhere, dripping and spreading.  

My body is burning absorbing its heat to my core.  It squirms its way through my nerves and blood veins to my heart.  I want more.  

I squat between her legs as she spreads them wide for me as I shove my face into her burning pussy, burying my tongue.  Her cream is like a drug, I can't get enough.  I suck it, lap it and drink it.  I've never smelled or tasted anything like it, it's intoxicating.

She speaks, "Drink my cum.  Drink it till you're overflowing then drink more," in multiple voices.

She squeezes my head with her calves, her pussy opens, spraying my face with such force it could fling me out the stall and across the bathroom if not for her legs around me, screaming until her orgasm subsides.  I drink until it escapes from my nose and the sides of my mouth to my neck and chest.  I could drown in it happily.

Placing her hand around my neck "Now it's my turn," responding as she lifts me from the floor she stands.  

She's so tall.  She carries and sets me on the sink counter, gets on her knees, spreads my pussy wide and snakes her tongue deep inside me.  Like in my mouth it feels like it goes impossibly deep probing around in my stomach, but instead of pain I'm enraptured.  The pleasure is hypnotic.  My legs clench around her head pulling her oily hair into me.  I begin fucking her face.

The heat of her tongue buried so deep spreads through my body making my head spin, I seize up and cum on it and her face.  She slides it from me and it lashes across her face and tits licking up my every drop.

Still dizzy I barely hear her when she speaks.

"Now I must prepare you for what is to come within the next thirteen days," as she steps away from me.  

"What do you mean?" I ask deliriously.

"You are meant for another and I'm getting your mind and body prepared," placing her foot on the counter giving a wonderful view of her wet cunt.

Another demon?" I ask.

"My time here today is almost up.  You will understand soon enough and it will be glad tidings.  So you needn't worry my little slut.  Don't be shocked at what you're about to see,"  as she begins massaging her clit and spreading her folds wide with the other hand.

"I don't believe anything more can shock me after what all I've seen to..."  Not finishing.  I can’t trust my eyes anymore.  

She speeds the pace rubbing her clit when her pussy begins dripping profusely.  It opens up further than than I've seen it yet and something begins to come out.  At first I think a huge snake is poking it's head out until it slides all out.  I realize it's an enormous penis.  A giant cock just grew from her pussy!  Glistening wet from being inside her and already dripping sperm from the end, it's throbbing.

I thought after all the bizarre episodes I've witnessed today nothing could else could shock me.  I was wrong.  I just can't accept this.  Everything culminates with this monstrosity bobbing from between the she-demon's legs, my dreams, my behavior, the film and nobody noticing it, the drawings on the toilet paper, the demon, and now this.  My mind tries to shut down.  I get tunnel vision and begin to fall.

She catches me, "Time's up," she exclaims as she puts me back on the counter and spreads my legs wide.

"No.  It'll kill me," I panic.  Reality suddenly rushes in, my senses returning.

"It's too late now.  You've went through all the rights.  You're committed and I have no more time, she works the enormous red tip up and down the outside of my pussy and begins filling me full.

My legs instinctively lock up, every muscle taut, I scream.

"Relax, this is not going to hurt.  You have to be ready for him," then she pushes further.  

To my amazement it’s buried in me.  I feel it throughout my body.  I'm intoxicated with the heat spreading from it to my toes.

Pulling it back out except for the head she hisses, "Now we finish," shoving it back in.  No ripping, just more heat until it's molten and the pleasure is unimaginable.

Shoving her tits into my face she orders me to drink as she milks them into my hungry throat while pounding with her engorged member.  Her nipples taste like a bitter-sweet wine which I begin lapping hungrily.

Fucking me hard now her hips are a blur and the wet slapping sound is almost deafening.  Arching her back and facing the ceiling she screams, "By Demonith...," she stares into my eyes and fills me full of her seed.

I think I passed out a minute because when I come to I'm on top of her on the floor.  Her temperature has dropped considerably.  Other than her breathing she's not moving.  It takes all my will to make my eyes focus.  When they do it’s not what I expect.  I'm not straddling the Demon.

"Oh my gawd Autumn.  That was incredible," whispers my best friend Quinn, sweaty and naked between my legs, wanting more.

to be continued...


Eelun Phetmoore
Artist | Literature
United States
Looking for an alternate reality. Since I havn’t found one yet I’ll create some. If you can’t find me here I’ll probably be in one of those. You may not be able to see me, if that’s the case pull the rope and I’ll be with you shortly unless I don’t like you.

the Kraviticus of Eelun Phetmoore -

Twitter - Eelun Phetmoore!/EelunPhetmoore



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