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Mrs. Adleson
chapter four

It seems like I'm running a hundred miles an hour to her.  Even though I belong to her, when I'm with her I'm free.  The grass flies by my feet at blinding speed, making me feel like a low flying hawk, swooping in on its prey, although in this case, I would be considered the prey.

Her silhouette is gone from the window and the drapes are drawn.  Where did she go?  She was just there a few minutes ago.

"What are you doing Sebastian?" her voice comes from the shadows hiding the porch swing.  “You can't show up unannounced.  There's rules you must follow," as her silhouette stands and separates from the porch swing.  

"I had to see you, if only for a moment.  I couldn't resist after seeing you in your window as I was leaving," I say winded.

"That wasn't an invitation.  What if Mr. Adleson saw you here this time of night?" as she steps into the light.

Already changed from her clothes she wore to dinner, she's wearing a silk robe, hanging loose in the front, exposing her perfect cleavage.  She glides silently toward me on bare feet as her hair flows on a current unfelt.  I can’t imagine wanting anyone more than her.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Adleson.  I don't know what I was expecting coming here tonight.  It's like I'm a puppet having my strings pulled.  I don't think before doing anything concerning you," I try to look down in shame, but instead my eyes soak in her silken form.

"You're in luck Sebastian, I wanted to see you.  That doesn't mean what you did was right.  I can be impulsive, you’re not allowed, and for that you will be punished.  Do you understand?" as she looks me over as well, but in a different way.

"Yes Mam," I say with a mixture of shame and excitement.

"Very good.  Who do you belong to Sebastian?" looking directly in my eyes.

"I belong to you Mrs. Adleson."

"If you would like to see more of me, you will need to be trained and disciplined.  Do you understand?" licking her lips.

"Yes Mrs. Adleson, I will do whatever it takes.  I will do whatever you tell me to do," admiring her soft lips.

"I require total submission with no hesitation.  If I call you anytime day or night you will drop everything and do exactly what I bid, immediately.  Noncompliance will result in punishment," her perfume is hypnotic.

"What kind of punishment?" I ask intrigued.

"It's not the kind you'll like.  Each infraction may result in periods of time I will not allow you see or touch me.  I may make you go for long periods without being allowed to have an orgasm, not even by yourself.  I know you would not lie to me, but if you did, I would know and it would not work in your favor.  I may make you do something embarrassing like breaking the speed limit in a neighboring town while driving nude.  I can be quite imaginative," she says.

"Wow, that's pretty harsh don't you think?" I ask.

"I believe in getting my point across, but I'll be fair.  Now, let's get this straight, you don't make any of the rules, but If I feel like I have conducted myself unfairly with you, I will punish myself and you will bare witness to it," as she runs the back of her fingers down my cheek, sending electricity through my body.

"Very interesting.  Will I have any input as to what your punishment might be?" I ask hopefully.

"Only if I ask.  I assure you I will be harder on myself than I will be you and like I said, I have quite the imagination," as she walks behind me, placing her hand on my hip.

"Enough about that.  What am I going to do about you showing up tonight unannounced?" her hands on both of my hips.  She pulls me close.  I feel her firm breasts against my back.  Her hands meet at my crotch as she rubs the outline of my shaft through my pants, grinding her pelvic bone against my ass.

"Mrs. Adleson, you're...," I don't finish my sentence.

"Don't speak again until I give you permission," she unzips my pants.

Just as she tells me, I don't speak when she takes off my shoes and socks, even as she pulls my pants slowly down my legs.  It may be dark out here, but if a car turns the corner just right I'll be spotlighted.  I wonder if Mr. Adleson is awake and if he might come to see where his wife is, but even as she unties my tie and unbuttons my shirt, I don't say a word.  I don't do a thing to stop her as she crouches before me and slides my underwear down, carefully helping me step out of them.

Nervous, I'm also very aroused by the fact that Mrs. Adleson is fully covered by her robe and I'm totally naked and vulnerable outside where anyone can see if they were close enough.  

A slight breeze brings goosebumps to my flesh as she carefully takes me by the hand to the porch swing.  Pulling the belt from her robe, it hangs open, giving me glimpses of her nude form underneath.  She motions for me to grip the top bar of the swing.  When I do she securely straps me to it with the belt around my wrists.

I naturally test it by lifting my feet off the ground and dangling a moment, and manage to make it even tighter.  If she wanted to, she could leave me here until the entire neighborhood found me in the morning.

The only light is a distant streetlight and a dim glow from a lamp in the nearest window.  It's probably my paranoia, but I feel my skin is glowing and the whole neighborhood can see it.  It adds to the excitement.

She stands back, admiring me for a moment, her open robe catching the light just right, offering me a beautiful view of her shaved pussy.  

"Oh my Sebastian, I think you're enjoying this," looking at my erection bobbing in the air.  "I'll be back," she turns, looking like a phantom as her silken robe flows behind her.  She disappears through the front door.

It seems like an eternity, but probably just a few minutes.  She quietly glides back holding something.

" look delicious.  So strange, remembering you rocking back and forth on it as a child, with your feet dangling.  Now look at you, grown up and tied to it with a magnificent hard on just for me," she says holding something in front of her face.  I realize what it is when it lights up.  It's her phone and she's taking pictures of my nakedness.  Highlighting it with each flash.

I'm tempted to tell her to stop before she attracts attention to us, but I can't go against her word, and her using me this way is making me really horny.  She’s using me and I like it.

My cock is throbbing for her as she keeps taking pictures, bathing my body in white light, spotlighting me for all to see.

She moves in, taking closeups of my dick, my face and even my ass.

“Oh my Sebastian, you’re getting into this,” as she concentrates on my cock.  It’s dripping, I can see it during the flashes.

She grasps it at the base, squeezing all the way to the head, milking it, taking pictures at each step.  She puts it in her mouth and takes selfies from several different angles while sucking every drop.

“I can’t take anymore, I need some relief.  If you’ll just be patient for a moment,” she sits on the porch swing, placing the phone on the floor, opening her robe and laying down, her head on the opposite armrest from me.  “I hope I’m not being rude, but this will only take a moment.  Seeing you tied up and nude really gets me excited,” she places her middle finger on her clit, swirling it.  Squeezing her left breast, concentrating on the nipple, she arches her back while staring into my eyes.

Her body convulses just once, she stills herself with some effort and regains control.  “Damn Sebastian, I almost came.  I’m not going to try to stop it again.  I want you to be ready for it when I do.  I’m going to tell you just before I cum and when I do, I’m going to spray it all over you,” as her other hand joins the one on her clit, shoving two fingers in her pussy, she gasps.

I can hear her getting wetter and wetter.  She means business.  She’s going to cum soon and I will have her sweetness all over me.

The thought of it excites me.  A car drives by, the lights grazing my skin.  I don’t care at this point.  Mrs. Adleson is squirming and moaning.  One of her legs on the porch, all the muscles taut and straightened, pushing her back, the swing frozen in it’s highest position.

The wet sounds get really loud.  She stares directly into my eyes, “Here’s my cum Baby,” she says between breaths, her voice raspy with desire,  “Do you want it?

Shaking my head approvingly she arches her back in a painful looking position, grunts, and lets go.

Wave after wave of her hot cream arcs through the air splashing me, coating me.  It feels like my skin is drinking it.

My shaft begins to tingle.  Damn, I’m so turned on.  I’m about to cum.  I start thrashing trying to break free of my bonds.  I must fill her sweet cunt, feel it wrapped around my hard cock and fuck her like she has never been fucked.

In a passionate rage I tip the porch swing over, knocking Mrs. Adleson to the floor as I slide her belt down the pole I’m tied to.  Freeing it, I bring my wrist to my mouth and untie the knot with my teeth and turn to Mrs. Adleson, ready to fuck her sweet pussy.

“Oh Sebastian…,” laying on the porch, seeing my desire and ripe cock, she spreads her legs wide for me as I walk toward her like a freed animal about to take revenge on their captor.

I get on my knees, heartbeat pounding in my ears, trying to calm my breathing.  Just as I swirl the head of my cock into her slick folds about to shove it in, the living room light comes on, followed by the porch light.  Holy fuck, I’ve woken up Mr. Adleson.

Scampering to my clothes on my knees, I shovel them up and slide off the side of the porch into the bushes.

“What the hell is going on...Margery?  What are you doing out here?  Why is the porch swing laying over.  Are you okay?” Lowering a baseball bat.

Wow, she’s quick.  By the time I’m off the porch, peeking just over the edge through the bushes, she has her robe closed with the sash attached.

“I’m fine Louis.  Just came out for some air.  I think there was a a dog laying on the swing.  When it took off it knocked the whole thing over.

I watch through the leaves of the shrubbery as Mr. Adleson scans the neighborhood before going back in with his wife in tow, nervously looking my direction.

Something keeps itching on the inside of my thigh.  When I feel comfortable enough to look away from the front door as they're closing it behind them, I check to see what it is.  HOLY SHIT!!!  It's a centipede, about four inches long, evil looking, and dangerously close to my dick.  I fall backwards, flailing, trying to knock it off me.

The front door bursts back open, followed by hurried footsteps across the porch.  I realize I'm laying on my back outside the other side of the bushes, completely nude about to be caught by an angry Mr. Adleson.  I grab my clothes next to my feet and take off running, trying to take a path that will keep me out of his line of site.  

I make it behind one of the neighbors houses, stop and peek around the corner to see if I'm being chased.  My heart is pounding in my ears.  I don't see anyone coming after me.

I take this moment to put my clothes on...fuck, all I grabbed was my shirt and one sock.  I'm fucked.  Luckily, it's dark and not too far to my car.  I'll have to cover myself as best with my shirt as I can and be really careful.

Creeping from shadow to shadow as quickly as I can, being very careful, I make it to a point where I can see the building I parked behind.  There's no cover and there's a streetlight I'll have to run through.  

Just as I'm building up the courage to run across the street, a dog jumps at me, barking his ass off from the other side of the fence I'm standing by.  I launch on impulse, almost run into a car that appears from nowhere.  Hauling ass around it I keep running as it locks its breaks, honking.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.  I hope that wasn't someone who knows me.  I keep running.  I take an alternative route so they don't see my destination and end up in an old alleyway no one uses anymore, hiding in some more bushes and hoping there's no more centipedes or something worse in here with me.

Waiting about ten minutes, I head for my car.  Getting brave or just angry at my predicament, I go directly to it without watching for the tiniest of movements to my sides, like I did earlier.

I can't believe I made it.  With a sigh of relief I reach for my keys, realizing again, I'm not wearing pants.  I don't have my keys.  Damn, what now?

I stand there for a few moments, then try in vain to open the door.  No, I'm an avid door locker.  I live too far away to walk home wearing only a shirt without getting caught.  The only thing I can think of to do is stand here and get pissed.

I can feel the night's chill settling on my ass.  I can't just do nothing.  The longer I stand here, the closer to sunrise it becomes.  In the daylight my parents will probably notice my car behind their shed.  If they come to investigate, which they probably will...that will be an interesting conversation, pantsless and locked out of my car.

Wondering what time it is...something lands at my feet, startling me, metallic sounding.  I bend down to see what it is.  When I stand up, I'm holding keys, my keys.

"Surely you didn't think I would let you leave without a proper goodbye," Mrs. Adleson says from behind me.

Almost jumping out of my skin, I whirl around, "How did you find me?" I ask relieved.

Standing there in the darkness, she's wearing the trenchcoat and  boots from the night she broke into my house.  Her raven hair sways on the breeze, hanging past her shoulders.  I'm so happy to see her.

"That car you almost ran into, that was me," she says with a sly grin, taking a step toward me.  "Your ass looked adorable running by."

"Ha did you get away from Mr. Adleson?" I ask, feeling underdressed, but excited remembering the last time I saw her wearing that coat.

"I told him a dog knocked the porch swing over.  When he heard you in the bushes he thought you were the dog and was going to chase it off.  I told him I thought it was my friend's missing dog and that I was going to look for it.  He offered to come help, but I acted angry with him for scaring it off and that I would search by myself," she says touching my face.

"Did you bring my clothes," I ask hopefully.

"Yes, but I'll only give them to you in trade," running her finger down my chest.

"What?" I say stressed.

"Don't worry Sebastian.  I'll give you your clothes if you give me what you were going to before we were so rudely interrupted," she unbuttons my shirt and pulls it off, letting it fall to the ground.

“What was that?  It's kind of a blur to me after you came on me.  I remember the swing falling, then hiding in the bushes and running here," I admit.

"Oh, you animal. after I came, you knocked the porch swing over, unbound your wrist, then stalked me like I was a piece of meat.  I do believe you were going to fuck me like I never have been.  I've never seen that look in your eyes, but I liked it," unbuttoning her jacket.

"You want me to fuck you right now?  Your husband may be looking for you," feeling my dick getting hard despite the cold.

"I'm not asking.  You're going to fuck me like you were going to earlier.  Show me how you like it.  I want you to make me feel like a whore, your whore," opening her coat and letting it fall to the dirt and dead leaves.  

The light hits her nude form, the shadows accentuating her large breasts and curves.  Her skin looks white as milk in the dimness.  Gazing upon her and what she says makes me throb.

"Oh my gawd Sebastian, You have such a beautiful cock. Reaching to touch it.

I don't know if it's because of the stress from the past hour or from not getting to have her earlier, but I snap.  I grab her by the neck and push her down on the hood of my car facing me.

She looks at me in total shock, but she likes it. "Who do you belong to Sebastian?" even as I squeeze her throat.

"You, Mrs. Adleson," spreading her legs wide with my other hand.

"And what am I Sebastian?" her voice raspy from my grip.

"You're a whore.  You're my whore," sliding the head of my cock up and down her wet slit.

“Show me what a whore I am.  Make me believe it like no one ever has.

I’m so turned on.  I’m going to fuck her, and I’m going to do it hard.  I won't stop until her pussy is so sore she can’t take another stroke and is begging me to stop.

I let go of her throat, grabbing both legs behind her knees and lift her ass off the car, slipping just the head into her pussy.  She’s already dripping down her ass and onto the car and she can’t seem to stop pumping the air.  She’s ready to pop.

She regains a little control, stops gyrating and looks into my eyes...I shove my cock into her hard, all of it and bottom out as she lets out an ear piercing scream of pain and joy.  I don’t pull out.  I just keep pushing, feeling her cunt contract around me.  She tries to move, to make it slide.  She wants to fuck and I’m holding out, torturing her.

With no warning I pull all the way out and slam it back into her, stopping again.  She’s ready to cum and trying to.

She wants to feel like a whore and I oblige.  With my shaft buried to the hilt inside her I spit on her heaving tits, squeezing her nipples hard enough to hurt.  

Holding back another scream, she lets out a low growl.  She’s wants more.  I pull almost all the way out of her again then stop and look in her eyes again.

Begging me to do it, I cut loose.  I slap her across the tits hard and start pounding her pussy relentlessly.  I’ve never fucked anyone this hard and I doubt she’s ever experienced it.

Her eyes grow wide in shock.  She wasn’t expecting the force of my thrusts.  She cums uncontrollably, splashing my stomach, but I don’t let up.  I keep pounding her and as soon as her orgasam subsides I feel a second one building.

I slap her across the tits again and she cums again, this time she bites her arm to keep from screaming.

I pull out, grab her by the waist and turn her over, slamming her back down on the hood, this time on her stomach.  I shove my cock into her again.  With each thrusts her ass shakes, and her pussy splashes.  I have to stop looking for a moment because it makes me burn and I’m not ready to cum yet.

I bottom out again and stop moving as I grab her hair, yanking her head near mine, her back arched into me.  I lick her from her neck to hairline, then lift her completely off the car.  Now I’m going to fuck her.

Hammering her pussy, her body as it bounces up in the air.  She cums and screams again.

I push her down on the car again, this time on her back, spreading her legs to their extremes, I bury my face in her pussy.  Alternating between licking her clit and fucking her wet folds with my tongue.  Her sweet juices taste so good and there’s so much.  She’s really worked up, more so than I’ve ever seen her.   When she cums on my face I stand up, my dick laying on her pussy.  It’s so hard it moves with each heartbeat and it’s shiny with her cream.

“Sebastian...I want you to cum for me, not in my mouth or on me,  I want you to shoot every drop in my pussy.  Coat my cunt with your hot cum Baby.

"No!" I say, uncharacteristically.

"What? she asks, sounding as shocked as I feel.

"No, Mrs. Adleson," I say, feeling like someone else has stepped into my body and taken control.

"You said no? What do you think you're...," not finishing her sentence as I turn, walking away from her.  

Reaching down, I pick up my shirt.

"What the hell Sebastian? She’s getting angry.

I begin ripping my shirt around the bottom edge as I walk back to the car.

“What are you…,” as I clamp my hand on her mouth and push her back on the hood of the car, wrapping a piece of my tattered shirt around her head and in her mouth.  She really looks pissed, but her angry curses are muffled by the gag.

She thrashes as I grab her waist again, turning her over hard.  Grabbing her wrist and tying them together over her ass with the rest of my shirt.  

With my hand keeping her pinned to the car she thrashes as I bend down finding a stick about three feet long and a little thicker than a pencil.  I smack her across her bare ass with it.  She stops thrashing then flinches.  Her curses turn into shrill yelps.

She tries to turn her head toward me and I whack it across her ass again, keeping her pinned with my other hand.

In a softer tone she says something I can’t make out and I whip her again, this time twice.  Instead of a yelp, she moans.  She’s starting to like it.  I do it again, she’s definitely moaning and much louder now.

I slide a finger into her cunt to see how wet it is, she’s drenched, licking her juices from it, I spank her again.  Even in the darkness I can tell her ass is getting red and can see thin whelps, but she’s rocking her ass like she’s fucking the car.

I smack her with the stick one more time and her whole body shudders as she squirts all over the ground.  She’s loving this.  I could never hurt this woman, but I want to give her the night of her life.  I am always hers, tonight though, she’s mine.

I gently place my hand on her ass, it’s hot to the touch where I’ve been spanking her, she flinches, it’s tender.  She doesn’t try to raise up from the car as I let go of her wrists.  I bend down and kiss the reddened flesh, licking the puffy marks, running my hand tenderly up and down her legs.

She moans lightly, enjoying the break in her torment.  Standing up, I rest my cock on her ass as I quaintly explore her back.  She begins cooing almost like a pigeon.

Making it to the base of her neck, I wrap her hair around my fist, pulling her up hard as I slide my eager cock into her dripping pussy.

With her face next to mine, I breath in her sweet breath.  She whimpers with each of my thrusts as the pace increases.  Turning her head a little more she looks in my eyes like she never has, appearing almost younger, more innocent than she even was to me before our affair.  She’s never been dominated before.  I wonder if she’s wanted me to do this all along or did she just find out tonight.

She cums again, this time harder than the last.  The force of it makes her legs weak.  If I let go she’ll slide off the car.

“Now, I think I’m ready to cum.  Would you like that Mrs. Adleson?” I whisper into her ear.

“Please,” seems to be all she can get out.

“Is your pussy hungry for it?” I ask.

“Yes, please Sebastian,”  she seems exhausted.

I pull my cock out of her except for the head, where I linger for a moment.

She moans, her ass pushing into to me, trying to take it back, then I slam it into her hard.  She screams, almost bursting my eardrums.  I’m sure half the neighborhood heard, but I don’t care.  I’m giving her a night she’ll never forget.

Slapping her ass hard each time I pull out, then I shove it back in.  She’s dripping down her legs.  I yank her up to my face, “You like being my whore, don’t you Mrs. Adleson?” I hiss into her neck as I lick her.

She nods, legs shaking, unable to speak.  I pound her cunt, feeling like I’m not doing it hard enough, I let go of her neck, grabbing her hips, pulling her into me.  Yes, much better, now I’m hitting her pussy hard.  The slapping sounds are echoing throughout the streets.

She’s tightening up, ready to cum.  I’m ready as well.  We are going to cum together.

Grabbing my ass from behind her, her pussy opens up as she screams.  I flood her cunt with blast after blast of my hot seed as she coats my cock with her slick cream.  It’s insane how long we cum and when it’s over, we both collapse to the ground.  

Through my haze, I notice blue lights maybe two blocks down.  Someone must have reported the screams.  I almost have no strength left, nudging Mrs. Adleson, she doesn't’ respond.  Looking at her, she’s awake and looking at me, just not acknowledging anything.  

I grab our clothes from the ground, searching for my keys and fish them out along with hers from her coat, opening the passenger side door.  Mustering all my strength, I scoop her off the ground and carry her to my car, placing her in the seat and shutting the door.  

Going to the other side I turn the key to accessory, shift into neutral and push the car backwards from the driver’s door so I can push and steer at the same time, down the rarely used trail behind the shed.  I just pray there’s no cops on the next street over.  I still don’t have my pants.  I’m sure they are in her car and I have know idea where it is.

She’s really out of it.  She’s barely sitting upright and just staring out the passenger side window like we are out for a leisurely drive.

It would look a lot worse on me if we do get pulled over, especially if she’s unresponsive.  I’m driving with just a shirt on, what's left of it anyway, she’s naked under her coat with whelps and bruises that I inflicted, and she’s filled with my cum.  This will look pretty bad until it gets sorted out, then a different kind of bad.  No good ending unless I can get her to her car, cop free.

Seeing no cops or lights, I push it into the road and jump in, slamming the door and putting it into neutral while it’s still rolling backwards.  I turn the key and thankfully it starts first try.  Putting it in drive, I take it up to the speed limit and keep driving.  No cops, thank gawd.  I drive to a busier part of town where we have less of a chance of getting pulled over for being out this time of night, so I can give the neighborhood a chance to settle down before we go back.  Can’t go to my house, I have nosey neighbors who know Mrs. Adleson and my parents that never seem to sleep.

It’s much brighter here and I’m hoping no taller vehicles pulls beside me at a light and looks in at my bare lap.  

“Mrs. Adleson!  Have you got your cell on you?  I’m sure your husband has been trying to call you with the cops searching through our neighborhood and all.  He may have heard you scream,” switching between looking at her and the road.

“Mmm...that was wonderful Sebastian,” she says dreamily.

“What?” I ask, irritated.

“You really gave it to me tonight, I mean you fucked me like I’ve always wanted,” as she stares out the window, not a care in the world, her hair blowing.

“Are you not freaking out?  The police are searching the neighborhood for a screamer.  I’m sure your husband is looking for you.  I’ve got to figure out how to get you back to your car without him or the cops catching us,” I tell her frustrated.

“Don’t worry so much Sebastian.  Let’s bask in the night’s events for a moment,” she’s coming out of her stupor.

“I’ll do that when I have you back in your home safe and sound,” as I watch the rearview mirror like a criminal escaping the scene of a crime.

“I’ve never felt so fulfilled.  I mean really, I couldn’t fuck you right now if I wanted to.  I’m too sore.  I’ve never experienced that before and I’ve been pretty rough on myself masturbating.  Could we stop and get a drink?”

“Are you crazy?  I’m not wearing pants.

“I don’t mean through a drive through.  Just take me somewhere and I’ll go in.  It will just take a moment.  I need something cold,” she sounds almost desperate.

“Okay.  I can’t say no to you.  Just try to hurry.  Remember you’re naked under that coat.  Do you have money on you?” I say, worried about her.

“Yes, I have a card in my jacket,” she shows me.

I pull up to the nearest, safe looking convience store and park as far away from the entrance as I can.  She gets out and briskly walks in.  A minute or two later she comes out carrying two drinks.  Getting in, she hands me one and sips on her straw as we pull out of the parking lot.

“Back to what we were talking about.  Are you sore?  I’m on fire,” turning in the seat with her back on the door, facing me.

“Yeah, now that I’ve calmed down a little, I’m kind of sore,” I admit.

She pops the top of drink and scoops some ice out, putting it into her mouth.  I can hear it crunching.  

“Mmm...that’s better,” she sounds relieved.

I turn to look at her just as she opens her jacket and places the cup between her spread legs.

“What the hell are you doing?  I ask, totally shocked.

“My pussy hurts and I’m cooling it off.  Would you like me to ice your dick for you?” Sounding so innocent.

“No thank you.  You know I’m going to have a hard time driving with you like that,” I say.

“I’m sorry, but it already feels a lot better,” she says turning the cup to the opposite side.

“Do you think we’ve been gone long enough for your neighborhood to calm down?” I ask, but get no answer.  I turn to see if she heard me.  She’s biting her lip while moving the cup up and down on the outside of her pussy.

“Mrs. Adleson!  What are you doing?  I thought you were too sore,” I ask amazed.

“I keep thinking about earlier.  It was so nice.  My pussy is sore, but my clit’s okay,” pulling a piece of ice from the cup and placing it directly on her nub, moaning.

“You are insufferable.  You’re also going to be my downfall or the death of me,” I tell her.

“I’m sorry Sebastian.  I promise to be done by the time we get back to my neighborhood.  I just need to cum one more time and it feels so much better when you watch,” she puts another piece of ice on her clit and swirls it.

My dick rubs against the steering wheel.  I look down at it, it’s hard.  I grab it around the base and start slowly stroking it while looking between her and the road.

“Yes, Sebastian.  That’s so hot.  I love watching you stroke your beautiful cock,” she puts a piece of ice in her pussy, inhaling sharply.  I love her expression.  She’s concentrating so hard on watching me masturbate, biting her lip.

“Oh gawd, I wish I could slide on top of you right now,” she says, speeding up her pace, the wet sounds getting louder already.

Without warning she lifts her ass off the seat and sprays me with her hot juices, her moans ending in a scream.  Shifting her body around in the cramped space, sliding on the wet seat, she rests her head in my lap between my dick and the steering wheel.

"I want you to cum on my face before you drop me off Baby," she says looking up at me wantonly.

Reaching down between her legs, she gasps as I coat my hand in her cream, then bring it back to my cock, nice and slippery.  

She slides her coat off and pushes it into the floor.  Looking at her completely naked with her head in my lap as her tits bounce from the movement of the car is almost too much for me.  I didn't think I would be able to cum anymore, but already I feel my balls contract as I'm getting ready to shoot another load.

She knows I'm close and closes her eyes, ready for me to cover her face.  When I erupt it almost hurts from the number of times I’ve cum tonight, but I still manage to saturate her face and hair.

The rest of the ride is pretty quiet.  Mrs. Adleson sits up, cleans herself as best she can with what she can find in my car, then leans against me with her head on my shoulder.

It’s really peaceful until we get back to her neighborhood.  She shows me where she parked her car which is at an apartment complex a block away from her house.  From there we can see blue lights flashing from the police cars congregated by her house.

What the hell?  Why are they still here?  They are at your house now.  They must be questioning Mr. Adleson.  I guess you better get in there before things escalate.

Opening the door she grabs something from her car and rushes back to me on my side of the car.  Handing me my clothes she says “I have some lying to do.  You better get out of here.”  

“Are you going to be okay” I ask.

“I’ll be fine.  I can be pretty clever when I need to be,” she says slyly.

She sticks her head in the window giving me a long kiss, stares deep into my eyes and says, “Thank you for tonight Sebastian,” and then she’s gone.

I wait until she’s back in her car and pulling out before I leave.

I miss her already.

to be continued...


Eelun Phetmoore
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Looking for an alternate reality. Since I havn’t found one yet I’ll create some. If you can’t find me here I’ll probably be in one of those. You may not be able to see me, if that’s the case pull the rope and I’ll be with you shortly unless I don’t like you.

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